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Webkinz Community - Tips, Help and More!

Discover the fun of adopting a Webkinz!

Sticky Post
Please read the community rules located under User Info if you are new. Welcome to the community!

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I can't do polls anymore so questions it is:

1. How many of you participate in the activities like Peek-a-newz and floating head games on webkinznews.com?

2. Did anyone participate in the Hallowe'en event this year?

3. Does anyone still play Bingo?

4. Do any of you know how to play the first logout game where you set the clock and throw the hammer to try to make Wacky go as high as possible on the scale?

Spree Mall
Is it my imagination or has the spree mall not worked in several days?

Happy Webkinz Day!
Money Back Guarantee!
Be sure to log in today for your Webkinz Day goodies! Can't believe it's been 6 years? How long have you been on Webkinz? It's been 3 years for me.

I like the trophy this year.

Communal contest?
What happened to it? I can't see it in the newspaper anymore.

Did Ganz take it away while I was on an extended gaming break?

Canadians can see HOP ads on Webkinz now!
Money Back Guarantee!

If you're in Canada or America and have yet to check out the HOP Ads to win your HOP bunny and other cool prizes, try this link that directly takes you to the video:


That should work, let me know if it does or doesn't.

I'm American but currently living in Asia so the video doesn't work for me. :( Thankfully, there was a tiny window last month when Ganz was reprogramming the HOP ads so that people would not be able to share or sell their codes to other accounts. This made it able for me to adopt one finally but that window is now closed!

So yeah, in case you weren't aware, you can only adopt a bunny for the account you won it in, and only one per account. You cannot apply the code to any other accounts. I understand this was mainly to prevent people from selling the codes on ebay, which people were doing, but the downside is people outside of the US and now Candada, do not have a chance of getting this.

I love my bunny and am really glad I stayed up all night trying to get him! I love the drum set and made a little garage practice space for him to make music.

This promotion ends April 3rd so you still have time. Good luck with getting a bunny!

Webkinz is giving away free bunny pets on American accounts!
Money Back Guarantee!

I just found out about it on webkinz insider and rushed to log into my account but have yet to find the ad you need to click on to get your bunny pet.

Look for an ad for a movie called "HOP" on the ad side when you log into webkinz world. The link and video explain everything.

Because of movie licensing restrictions, this is for American accounts only. You can only register one bunny per account so if you want to give any extra away to people outside the U.S. or those who cannot find the ad, you can give them the code. I am not sure how long this will last but try to log in ASAP!

I am really excited about this giveaway. The bunny is adorable and I love the PSI. Can't wait to get one! I'll definitely let you know if I have extra codes for anyone who couldn't get one. Good luck!

(no subject)
Well, it's official. I can't play with my 'Mazin' hamster in the mazes without getting sick. I don't know what it is about the graphics but I get nauseous all the time. :( I'd feel better if I could give away my maze pieces to my daughter or something. Oh well.

Passing Time at Winterfest
I'm just curious -- how do you spend your time between snowflakes?

Personally, I cannot see the flakes in my room this time (or I see one and that's it for hours), so I've taken up residence in Kinzville Park. While I wait around on the snowflakes, I've been collecting litter for my cleanup prizes. It's something to do, at least, while I wait on those slow as molasses snowflakes to drift by!

Curio Shop Sale
Just wanted to let you all know the Colossal Movie Screen is on sale at the Curio Shop at 2pm but only for Deluxe members.

How do I get my Santakinz chosen gift?
I feel kinda dumb asking this but how do I get my gift again? I went looking for the Santkinz room in the club house and it wasn't there. Does my chosen gift just appear in my dock?