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Webkinz are our furry friends made by Ganz. After you bring your plush friend home from the store, you can also adopt them online! You can have your own house with lots of furniture, feed your pet special food and play with toys. To buy these things, you need to earn KinzCash by playing games in the arcade, doing jobs or answering trivia at Quizzy's Question Corner. There is also the Webkinz Newz, which has news (obviously), contests, surveys, crafts and "W-tales" stories every week. You can collect the accessories and unlock even more exclusive items and gain access to private places like the Charm Forest!

This community is a place to discuss the Webkinz site and toys, share stories & pictures, trade items, and ask for advice/tips on how to do things (eg. recipes, game tips).

Important FAQ's and Posts to Read
Gem Hunt FAQ
How to Gain Insider Status with Arte
Questions on Pets with no "W" Logo
Operation Gumball Tutorial

Rules and Tips:
1) Registration Codes - Do not share or ask anyone about how to get a registration code. It is not possible, as you need to buy a toy to get a code. This community will NOT support people who steal.

2) Memories and Tagged Entries - Check the memories and posts under the tags before posting a question. Your question may have been asked previously. Also, please keep your posts on topic. If it's not Webkinz-related, please discuss somewhere else. Posts will be moderated and we reserve the right to delete any posts we feel are not appropriate. Members that abuse the posting privilege will have their posting access removed.

3) Respect Others - Respect each other. Think before you write and keep a mature attitude. People who flame and bother other members will be denied membership.

4) Language and appropriateness - Because Webkinz is primarily used by kids and parents, it's quite likely that many members here will be one or the other. Posts in this community are also visible to non-members, which could be minors. So play nice and keep everything "Family-rated". Adults are quite welcome to join and participate in the community - there are lots of adult Webkinz owners!

5) Pictures - If you plan to post pictures or make a long post, please us an LJ-cut. Ditto if you want to discuss any possible spoilers for a game, story, contest or whatever. (Instructions can be found here.) We enjoy pictures of your new Webkinz and their homes, please edit the photos to the appropriate size and always place them behind the cut.

6) Posting Format - Please put your posts in plain text (instead of rich text.) We've had some display problems sometimes. You're more than welcome to enter your own HTML tags, just be sure to always close your tags. People posting in large text multiple times will be rejected membership or have their posting access revoked.

7) Subject Lines & Tagging - Please make sure to include a descriptive subject line in your posts. It is important for people who are using a RSS or other data feed and it will make it easier to search through the archives at a later date. Also add descriptive tags to your posts and other posts in the community so others can find it later. Doing both of these things help the maintainers add them quickly to the memories too.

8) Trading Items - If you're interested in doing "trades", please use the weekly trade thread (Starts every Monday.) All trades are at your own risk, this community is just providing a place for discussion. All trade posts should be included in this thread and not done seperately. Please see the trading FAQ to find out what this trading thing is all about.
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